Tod Head Lighthouse, Aberdeenshire

Ink and colour wash on paper, c.1897
David Allan Stevenson (1854-1938)
RCAHMS: Northern Lighthouse Board Collection

Tod Head Lighthouse, which sits on the mainland near Stonehaven, was designed and built in 1897 by David Allan Stevenson, the son of David Stevenson and the grandson of Robert Stevenson who completed work on the Bell Rock Lighthouse in 1811. David Allan was the last of his family to hold the title of Northern Lighthouse Board Engineer and with his death in 1938 the dynasty of pioneering lighthouse builders came to an end.

This drawing shows the triangular paned, domed top lantern, standard to lighthouses by the end of the nineteenth century. It was built as one of a series of major northern lights.  Despite being electrified in 1978 by R W Munro, and automated in 1986, it remains  very much as originally fitted.