Keiss Harbour, Caithness

Ink on polyester film, 1980
Survey by RCAHMS

This drawing highlights how RCAHMS survey work can present a building in a number of different ways to gain a better understanding of it. The warehouse at Keiss Harbour is shown in a perspective view, an elevation, plan and sections as well as within the wider context of Keiss Harbour. 

Keiss Harbour was built in 1831 and was used by boats which fished for herring, whelks and crabs. The harbour's outer basin calms the waves, protecting the boats in the inner basin.  Some of the stones in the harbour walls were positioned vertically to counteract the upward pressure of the rising tide. The warehouse was also built around 1831, and would have been used for the storage of fish and fishing equipment such as nets, barrels and salt. An icehouse stands nearby