House,  St Andrews, Fife

Colour photograph, 2006
Survey by RCAHMS

This view of a dining room at a house in St Andrews shows many features characteristic of the 1930s era in which it was built, such as the flush doors with bakelite handles. The image was taken as part of a recent survey by RCAHMS of this remarkably intact house, with all of its original furnishings and décor remaining in place.

The growth of suburbs in the interwar period provided the growing middle classes with the opportunity to own their own homes. Houses tended to be smaller than in previous decades, with the living space mainly consisting of a living room, dining room, kitchen, and several bedrooms, as well as the modern advance of an internal bathroom.

Whereas most meals are now eaten in the kitchen, or even in front of the TV in the sitting room, families would have congregated in this more formal space for their main meals.