Margdow, Perthshire

Digital print on inkjet paper, 2003
Survey by RCAHMS

The fields above the shores of Loch Tay are littered with the shells of abandoned settlements. Here at Margdow, on the north side of the loch, there is a well-preserved cluster of three farmsteads, each having at least two buildings – a large byre-house (with people accommodated at one end and cattle at the other) and a smaller barn – standing within a group of small yards.
These structures date to around 1800, though Margdow is recorded as early as the 1680s, and traces of earlier buildings, now reduced to mere platforms, can be traced among the ruins. During the 1800s Margdow declined, the farms were absorbed into a much larger unit, and the buildings were abandoned in the early twentieth century.


Colour photograph, 2004
Survey by RCAHMS

Hundreds of small farms around the lochside suffered the same fate as Margdow, but their ruins remind us of a time when this area, and many others like it, teemed with life.  


Colour photograph, 2003
Survey by RCAHMS

This ruined farmbuilding once served as a barn and a stable. It dates from about 1800, but it stands on the footings of an earlier building, traces of which are visible on the left of the photograph.  Further up the hill are the gable ends of another barn.