St Mary’s Collegiate Church, Dunglass, East Lothian

Charcoal and chalk on paper, 1850
James Drummond (1816-77)

RCAHMS: Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Collection

Artist and antiquarian James Drummond prepared many detailed drawings of historic buildings and monuments, working to ensure that his drawings provided an accurate reflection of their condition at that time.

Dunglass is a rare survivor. Scotland’s medieval churches suffered heavily over the centuries, from war, decay and redundancy. After the turbulence of the Anglo-Scottish wars and the Reformation of the mid-sixteenth century, the church fell into disuse as a place of worship, although it continued to be used for burials. Although derelict, its solid construction found a new use in the eighteenth century as a stable and agricultural store. It is now in the care of Historic Scotland.

This view shows the interior of the choir, looking westwards from the site of the high altar towards the crossing and nave.