Recumbent stone circle, Midmar Kirk, Aberdeenshire

Colour photograph, 2002
Survey by RCAHMS

Separated by thousands of years, the kirk and recumbent stone circle represent religious and ceremonial places for the communities of Midmar, from the Bronze Age to the present day.
The recumbent stone circle is situated within a churchyard only a few metres east of the kirk. When its mediaeval predecessor became dilapidated and a new church was required , the location adjacent to the stone circle appealed to the minister, Reverend John Ogilby.

The recumbent stone circle is comparatively well-preserved, constructed over a cairn. The recumbent setting is distinguished by a fine pair of curving flankers and beautifully balanced horizontal stones.  The ring faces south-west and roughly marks the position of the winter solstice.

A hi-spy camera is one method used by RCAHMS to record monuments such as these. Operated remotely, the camera is mounted on the end of a mast which can be extended to a maximum height of some 15m and provides a bird’s-eye view of the entire monument.